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Attack Variations from the Third Zone

Documenting the remarkable story of an all-women football team, Hakkari Gücü, presents a unique challenge. The problem at hand was to create a documentary, "Attack Variations From the Third Zone," that not only captured the team's inspiring journey but also conveyed the significance of their achievements. This required careful attention to visual aesthetics and storytelling.

Deceptive Games Docudrama

Creating a compelling docudrama series that accurately portrays historical events while engaging and educating the audience is a challenging endeavor. The problem at hand for TRT 1 was to produce a captivating series, "Deceptive Games," that delves into the times of Ottoman Sultan Murat 5 and his era, requiring meticulous attention to historical accuracy and engaging storytelling.

The Nation Strikes Documentary

In the aftermath of the attempted military coup on July 15, 2016, Turkey faced a critical need to document and share the harrowing events and the nation's resilient response. The problem at hand was to create a documentary, "The Nation Strikes," that would offer a unique perspective on the coup from the vantage point of Istanbul's Chief of Police, Mustafa Çalışkan. The challenge was to produce a compelling, emotionally charged narrative that would convey the gravity of the situation and the resilience of the Turkish people.

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