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The Nation Strikes Documentary


Borsa İstanbul


Tayf Sanat

In the aftermath of the attempted military coup on July 15, 2016, Turkey faced a critical need to document and share the harrowing events and the nation's resilient response. The problem at hand was to create a documentary, "The Nation Strikes," that would offer a unique perspective on the coup from the vantage point of Istanbul's Chief of Police, Mustafa Çalışkan. The challenge was to produce a compelling, emotionally charged narrative that would convey the gravity of the situation and the resilience of the Turkish people.

As an Editor, Sound Designer, and Motion Designer, my multifaceted role was instrumental in addressing this challenge. I was entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the documentary's raw footage, creating an immersive auditory experience, and adding motion graphics to enhance storytelling. My creative skills played a central role in weaving together the narrative, visuals, and sound to convey the depth of the events and the nation's determination.

The process of creating the documentary, "The Nation Strikes," was a meticulous and collaborative endeavor:

Footage Review: Collaborating closely with the documentary's production team, I reviewed extensive footage from the events surrounding the coup attempt. This included raw interviews, news clips, and on-the-ground recordings.

Narrative Crafting: Working alongside the director and producers, we carefully structured the documentary's narrative. We aimed to provide a chronological and emotionally impactful account of the night's events, interwoven with personal insights and reflections from Istanbul's Chief of Police, Mustafa Çalışkan.

Editing: I meticulously edited the footage to ensure that the story flowed seamlessly. This involved selecting the most powerful segments, arranging them in a compelling sequence, and incorporating transitions and visual effects to enhance storytelling.

Sound Design: Sound design was pivotal in conveying the emotional weight of the documentary. I curated a soundtrack that complemented the mood and events, adding depth and resonance to the storytelling. Careful attention was given to voiceovers, ambient sounds, and music selection to evoke the desired emotional responses.

Motion Design: To further engage the audience and illustrate key points, I added motion graphics and animations. These visual elements helped clarify complex information, create visual interest, and enhance the documentary's overall visual appeal.

"The Nation Strikes" was the culmination of our collaborative efforts, a documentary that powerfully depicted the events of the attempted military coup on July 15, 2016, from the perspective of Istanbul's Chief of Police, Mustafa Çalışkan. The documentary successfully conveyed the gravity of the situation, the resilience of the Turkish people, and the heroism of those who stood against the coup.

Viewers were not only informed but also emotionally moved by the narrative, soundscapes, and visual storytelling. "The Nation Strikes" served as a testament to the nation's determination to protect its democracy, resonating with a broad audience, both domestically and internationally.

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