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Corporate Event Videos METRO, WAIPA and H&M

Corporate events often go unnoticed by a wider audience, missing out on the opportunity to showcase a company's achievements, culture, and values. Metro GMBH, Waipa, and H&M were facing this challenge of limited visibility for their significant corporate gatherings. They needed a solution to capture and convey the essence of these events to a broader audience, both internally and externally.

Turkey Europe Foundation - What is Sivilog? Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union

The Turkey Europe Foundation faced the challenge of effectively explaining the intricate topic of Turkey's accession process to the European Union in an engaging and understandable manner. The problem at hand was to create an animated project, "What is Sivilog? Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union," that could simplify this complex subject matter for a broad audience. This required a coordinated effort in post-production to bring the project to life.

Volkswagen Türkiye Youtube Channel Content

Volkswagen Türkiye recognized the need to provide valuable and informative content to their audience on YouTube. The problem at hand was the challenge of creating a series of engaging videos that covered a range of topics, including DIY maintenance, how-to guides, insights into authorized service, and comparisons with other vehicles. The goal was to establish Volkswagen Türkiye as a trusted source of automotive knowledge and enhance the brand's online presence.

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