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Corporate Event Videos METRO, WAIPA and H&M




Emre Altınok Productions

Corporate events often go unnoticed by a wider audience, missing out on the opportunity to showcase a company's achievements, culture, and values. Metro GMBH, Waipa, and H&M were facing this challenge of limited visibility for their significant corporate gatherings. They needed a solution to capture and convey the essence of these events to a broader audience, both internally and externally.

As a Video Editor and Director, my role was pivotal in bringing these corporate events to life on screen. I was entrusted with the responsibility of translating the energy, innovation, and professionalism exhibited during these events into engaging video content. My task was not only to document the proceedings but also to craft a narrative that resonated with the core values and objectives of each brand - Metro GMBH's commitment to excellence, Waipa's dedication to sustainability, and H&M's passion for fashion.

The process of creating captivating corporate event videos required meticulous planning and execution. It began with pre-event consultations with each brand to understand their specific goals and expectations. This initial phase involved determining the key messages and themes that needed to be conveyed.

During the events, my team and I operated seamlessly behind the scenes, capturing candid moments, keynote speeches, and the overall atmosphere. We utilized state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality footage, paying special attention to details that would highlight the unique qualities of each brand.

The post-production phase was where the magic truly happened. I meticulously sifted through hours of footage, selecting the most compelling shots and piecing them together to form a cohesive narrative. Graphics, animations, and music were added to enhance the visual and emotional impact of the videos.

The result of our collective effort was a series of corporate event videos that transcended the ordinary. Metro GMBH, Waipa, and H&M were able to leverage these videos for various purposes, such as internal training, marketing, and brand promotion.

These videos not only garnered praise from within the organizations but also resonated with external stakeholders, including clients, partners, and the wider public. They effectively communicated the values, achievements, and culture of each brand, making the corporate events memorable long after they had concluded.

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