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Deceptive Games Docudrama


Turkish National Broadcasting Channel - TRT 1


Tayf Sanat

Creating a compelling docudrama series that accurately portrays historical events while engaging and educating the audience is a challenging endeavor. The problem at hand for TRT 1 was to produce a captivating series, "Deceptive Games," that delves into the times of Ottoman Sultan Murat 5 and his era, requiring meticulous attention to historical accuracy and engaging storytelling.

In my role as both an Editor and an Actor, I played a unique and multifaceted part in addressing this challenge. As an Editor, I was responsible for shaping the raw footage and scenes into a coherent and immersive narrative. In my small acting role depicting the times of Ottoman Sultan Murat 5, I contributed to bringing historical accuracy and authenticity to the series.

The process of creating the docudrama series, "Deceptive Games," involved a comprehensive approach:

Research: Extensive research was conducted to ensure historical accuracy. This involved studying the era of Ottoman Sultan Murat 5, including the politics, culture, and key events that shaped the period.

Acting: In my small acting role as Ottoman journalist Namık Kenal, I worked with the director to bring authenticity to the character and scenes. This included wearing period-appropriate costumes and immersing myself in the historical context.

Editing: As an Editor, I meticulously edited the footage, ensuring that the scenes flowed seamlessly and maintained historical accuracy. This involved selecting the most compelling shots, arranging them in a coherent sequence, and adding transitions and visual effects to enhance storytelling.

Sound and Music: I collaborated with the sound and music team to ensure that the auditory experience matched the historical setting. This included selecting appropriate music and soundscapes that complemented the mood and era.

"Deceptive Games" was the result of our collaborative efforts, a docudrama series that successfully captured the essence of the times of Ottoman Sultan Murat 5. The series not only conveyed historical accuracy but also engaged and educated the audience about this fascinating period in history.

Viewers were immersed in the political intrigues, cultural nuances, and challenges of the era, all while being entertained by a captivating narrative. My small acting role added authenticity to the historical portrayal, contributing to the overall impact of the series.

In conclusion, my dual role as an Editor and an Actor in "Deceptive Games" effectively addressed the challenge of creating an engaging and historically accurate docudrama series for TRT 1. The series not only entertained but also educated viewers about the times of Ottoman Sultan Murat 5, enriching their understanding of this significant historical period.

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