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Turkey Europe Foundation - What is Sivilog? Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union


Turkey Europe Foundation


Nople Content Agency

The Turkey Europe Foundation faced the challenge of effectively explaining the intricate topic of Turkey's accession process to the European Union in an engaging and understandable manner. The problem at hand was to create an animated project, "What is Sivilog? Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union," that could simplify this complex subject matter for a broad audience. This required a coordinated effort in post-production to bring the project to life.

In my capacity as the Head of Post-Production, I played a pivotal role in addressing this challenge. My responsibilities encompassed directing, editing, designing, and working as a motion designer for the animation project. Additionally, I took on the role of directing a team of art directors and motion designers to ensure the project met the highest standards of visual storytelling and educational content.

The process of creating the animation project "What is Sivilog? Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union" involved a systematic and collaborative approach:

Conceptualization: Collaborating closely with the project team, we conceptualized the narrative and visual style of the animation. This step involved identifying the key messages and themes that needed to be conveyed effectively.

Storyboarding: To map out the animation's flow and structure, we created detailed storyboards that outlined each scene, transition, and visual element. This provided a clear roadmap for the animation's development.

Editing: In my capacity as editor, I oversaw the animation's production, ensuring it adhered to the established vision.

Design and Motion Graphics: As a motion designer, I created the visual components and animations that breathed life into the project. This encompassed the design of characters, backgrounds, and motion graphics that aligned seamlessly with the animation's style and themes.

Team Leadership: As the team leader of art directors and motion designers, I provided guidance, feedback, and coordination to ensure that the project's visual elements maintained cohesiveness and met the highest standards of quality. Effective teamwork and communication were essential to achieving a unified and polished result.

In conclusion, my role as the Head of Post-Production and Director for "What is Sivilog? Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union" effectively addressed the challenge of creating an informative and visually engaging animation project. Leading a team of art directors and motion designers ensured a harmonious and polished result that effectively communicated a complex subject matter, furthering the educational mission of the Turkey Europe Foundation.

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