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Nutricia - Alzheimer's




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Alzheimer's disease poses unique challenges when it comes to nutrition, requiring health professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of its effects. The problem was to create an internal communication video for health professionals that educates and informs about the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and nutrition. The challenge was to deliver this information in a visually engaging and easily digestible format.

As the Assistant Director, Online/Offline Editor, and Color Correction Artist, my roles were crucial in bringing this internal communication video to life. I collaborated with the director to shape the content, ensure a seamless editing process, and enhance the visual quality of the video.

As the Assistant Director, I worked closely with the director to define the key messages and objectives of the video. We identified the most critical aspects of Alzheimer's disease and its effect on nutrition, ensuring that the content would provide valuable insights and practical tips for health professionals.

As the Online/Offline Editor, I meticulously crafted the narrative by getting into the emotions of both patient and family employing both editing and vfx techniques while ensuring a logical flow of information, creating a concise and engaging video that would resonate with the target audience of health professionals. I focused on presenting complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, emphasizing the importance of nutrition in managing Alzheimer's disease.

As the Color Correction Artist, I enhanced the visual aesthetics of the video to ensure a professional and polished look. I adjusted colors, tones, and contrasts to create a visually cohesive and engaging experience for the viewers. By maintaining a consistent visual style and enhancing the key elements of the video, I aimed to captivate the audience's attention and facilitate comprehension of the content.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have created an informative and visually engaging internal communication video for health professionals. The video provides valuable insights into the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and nutrition, equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to support their patients effectively.

The final result is a well-crafted video that effectively communicates the complex concepts surrounding Alzheimer's disease and nutrition. The concise narrative, combined with enhanced visuals creates an immersive learning experience for health professionals.

By emphasizing the importance of nutrition in managing Alzheimer's disease and highlighting the expertise of Nutricia in this field, the internal communication video supports health professionals in providing optimal care to individuals affected by this disease.

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