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Garanti BBVA - Shop&Fly Social Media Content


Garanti BBVA


Nople Content Agency

The Shop&Fly credit card by Garanti BBVA faced a challenge in the highly competitive world of credit cards – how to engage and attract a travel-loving audience on social media. The problem was two-fold: to create captivating video content that not only showcased the benefits of the card for travelers but also inspired viewers to explore new destinations. The challenge was to create content that not only highlighted the card's unique offerings but also transported the audience to exciting travel experiences.

As a Video Editor and Sound Designer, my role was pivotal in addressing this challenge. I was responsible for producing engaging travel influencer vlogs for YouTube and crafting immersive atmospheric location reels for Instagram. My creative skills were essential in shaping the visual and auditory storytelling that would not only showcase the Shop&Fly credit card's advantages but also inspire viewers to embark on their own journeys.

The process of creating social media video content for the Shop&Fly credit card involved a comprehensive approach:

Collaboration: I worked closely with travel influencers and content creators to understand their travel experiences and stories. Collaborative discussions helped determine the key messages, visual style, and emotional tone that would resonate with the target audience.

Video Editing: For YouTube, I meticulously edited the travel influencer vlogs. This entailed selecting the most compelling shots, arranging them in a captivating sequence, and incorporating transitions and effects to enhance the storytelling. My goal was to make viewers feel like they were on the journey themselves, all while subtly showcasing the benefits of the Shop&Fly credit card.

Sound Design: Sound played a pivotal role in creating an immersive experience. I curated soundscapes that complemented the visuals, elevating the emotional impact of the videos. This included selecting music, adding ambient sounds, and synchronizing audio to create a seamless and engaging auditory experience.

Instagram Reels: On Instagram, I crafted atmospheric location reels that featured stunning destinations. These short videos were designed to capture attention quickly and leave a lasting impression. My video editing skills were put to use in creating visually striking montages, paired with music that matched the mood and ambiance of each location.

The results of our collaborative efforts were a series of social media video content pieces that not only met but surpassed the objectives of the Shop&Fly credit card. The travel influencer vlogs on YouTube gained a dedicated following, with viewers eagerly anticipating each new adventure. These videos effectively transported viewers to different corners of the world, inspiring them to explore new destinations and consider the Shop&Fly credit card for their travel needs.

On Instagram, the atmospheric location reels created a buzz, attracting likes, shares, and comments from users who were captivated by the beauty of the showcased destinations. These short, visually stunning videos effectively captured the essence of each location, encouraging engagement and promoting the Shop&Fly credit card's travel benefits.

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