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FLO - Ramadan Ad 2019




Moonlightfilm Türkiye

In a world where divisions prevail, FLO footwear aspired to spread a message of unity and compassion. The challenge at hand was to capture the essence of Ramadan and convey the significance of children sharing their belongings.

As the Assistant Director, Video Editor, and Color Correction Artist, I played a pivotal role in bringing this heartwarming story to life. Working closely with the creative and production team, my aim was to ensure a seamless execution of the concept while emphasizing authenticity and evoking emotional connections.

In my role as the Assistant Director, I coordinated closely with the actors and crew, directing scenes that captured the essence of shared experiences during Ramadan. With a keen eye for detail, I ensured that every shot conveyed the message of compassion and unity as well as ensuring that the shooting program was executed at the best standard with the time limitations at hand.

As the Video Editor, I meticulously crafted the narrative, selecting the most poignant moments and piecing them together to create a coherent and impactful story. With a focus on storytelling techniques, I weaved together scenes that showcased the best shots displaying the children's best acting performance, acts of generosity, emphasizing the joy it brings to their lives.

Lastly, as the Color Correction Artist, I applied my expertise to enhance the visual appeal of the ad. Carefully adjusting colors and tones, I created a warm and inviting atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Ramadan. By infusing the visuals with a vibrant and uplifting feel, I aimed to evoke a sense of unity and togetherness by creating harmony between shots that were filmed during various lighting situations.

Through our collective efforts, we have brought forth a powerful TV ad that embodies the values of FLO footwear. The ad showcases children from diverse backgrounds, highlighting their selflessness and the profound impact it has on their relationships.

The final product captures the vision of FLO as a brand that not only offers stylish and comfortable footwear but also promotes compassion and inclusivity. It tugs at the heartstrings of viewers, reminding them of the importance of generosity and togetherness during the holy month of Ramadan.

As an Assistant Director, Video Editor, and Color Correction Artist, I am proud to have played a role in the creation of this ad that touches the lives of many. It serves as a reminder of the power of sharing and brings forth the brand's commitment to fostering unity and compassion.

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