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Ericsson Global


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Ericsson Global faced the challenge of effectively showcasing their network traffic optimization and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to a global audience. The problem at hand was to create an animation video that would convey the complexity of these technologies in a simplified, engaging, and visually appealing manner. This required a creative approach to visual storytelling and motion design.

In my role as a Motion Designer, I played a pivotal part in addressing this challenge. I was responsible for creating visually engaging and informative animations and graphics that would effectively communicate Ericsson Global's network traffic optimization and CRM capabilities. My role was central in transforming technical concepts into accessible visual narratives.

The process of creating the "Better Everyday" animation video for Ericsson Global involved a systematic and collaborative approach:

Content Understanding: I worked closely with the Ericsson Global team to gain a deep understanding of their network traffic optimization and CRM technologies. This involved studying their capabilities, benefits, and how they impact daily life.

Storyboarding: Collaborating with the creative team, we developed a clear and structured storyboard for the animation video. We aimed to create a visual narrative that would simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to a diverse global audience.

Motion Design: As a Motion Designer, I created animations, graphics, and visual elements that added depth and visual appeal to the video. These motion graphics were designed to simplify technical concepts, engage the audience visually, and make the information memorable.

Editing: I meticulously edited the video to ensure that it flowed seamlessly, communicated the message clearly, and maintained an appropriate pace for viewers worldwide.

Quality Assurance: The video underwent rigorous quality checks to ensure accuracy, clarity, and visual appeal. It was refined to align with Ericsson Global's brand identity and messaging.

The result of our collaborative efforts was the "Better Everyday" animation video for Ericsson Global, showcasing their network traffic optimization and CRM capabilities. The video effectively conveyed the sophistication of these technologies in a simplified and engaging manner, making them accessible to a global audience.

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