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Doğan Investment Bank SME Tutorial Video


Doğan Investment Bank


Nople Content Agency

Doğan Investment Bank faced the challenge of simplifying and streamlining the process for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to apply for credit on their platform. The problem at hand was to create a tutorial video for "Doğan Kobi" that would guide SMEs through the application process, making it clear, accessible, and user-friendly. This required a creative approach to visual storytelling and instructional design.

In my dual role as Motion Designer and Editor, I played a crucial part in addressing this challenge. As a Motion Designer, I was responsible for creating visually engaging and informative animations and graphics that would guide SMEs through the application process. As an Editor, I ensured that the video flowed smoothly and conveyed the necessary information effectively.

The process of creating the "Doğan Kobi SME Credit Application Tutorial" video for Doğan Investment Bank involved a methodical and collaborative approach:

Content Understanding: I worked closely with the project team to gain a deep understanding of the "Doğan Kobi" platform and the SME credit application process. This involved studying the platform's features, requirements, and the step-by-step process for applying.

Motion Design: In my capacity as a Motion Designer, I created animations, graphics, and visual elements that added depth and visual appeal to the video. These motion graphics were designed to simplify complex concepts, engage the audience visually, and make the tutorial memorable.

Editing: As an Editor, I meticulously edited the video to ensure that it flowed seamlessly, communicated the message clearly, and maintained an appropriate pace for SMEs watching the tutorial.

Quality Assurance: The video underwent rigorous quality checks to ensure accuracy, clarity, and visual appeal. It was refined to align with Doğan Investment Bank's brand identity and messaging.

The result of our collaborative efforts was an informative and user-friendly tutorial video for "Doğan Kobi SME Credit Application." The video effectively guided SMEs through the application process, simplifying complex steps and making it accessible to a diverse audience.

The animation and visual elements enhanced the tutorial's clarity and engagement, ensuring that SMEs could easily follow the instructions. The video served as a valuable resource for SMEs seeking credit on the Doğan Kobi platform, streamlining the application process and making it more user-friendly.

In conclusion, my role as Motion Designer and Editor for the "Doğan Kobi SME Credit Application Tutorial" video effectively addressed the challenge of simplifying the application process for SMEs. The video not only conveyed essential information but also engaged and empowered SMEs, making the credit application process more accessible and user-friendly. It reflected Doğan Investment Bank's commitment to supporting SMEs in their financial endeavors.

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