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Das Rudelt – Die Erde Dreht


Das Rudelt


Moonlightfilm Türkiye

Capturing the essence of life's continuity through a visually captivating music video in the genres of Deutschrock, Synth-Pop, and Funk was the challenge. The problem was to integrate a modern dance choreography that symbolizes the ever-evolving rhythm of life and create a visually dynamic and engaging experience for the audience.

As the Assistant Director, Video Editor, and Color Correction Artist, my roles were crucial in bringing this vibrant and conceptually rich music video to life. I collaborated closely with the band (Thomas Rudelt), the dancer (Julia Hartmann) and creative team to ensure a seamless execution of the vision. I assisted in directing the performances as the Assistant Director, shaped the narrative through editing as the Video Editor, and enhanced the visual appeal through color correction as the Color Correction Artist.

As the Assistant Director, I worked closely with Thomas and Julia to stage the modern dance sequences that symbolize the continuity of life. I ensured that the performances conveyed the energy, passion, and dynamic nature of the music.

As the Video Editor, I carefully selected and sequenced the footage to create a narrative that flows seamlessly with the music. I focused on capturing the essence of life's continuity through the interplay of the band's performance and the modern dance choreography. I paid special attention to maintaining the energetic and rhythmic flow of the music video as well as parallels between musician and dance following the narrative.

As the Color Correction Artist, I enhanced the visual aesthetics of the video by applying color grading techniques. I aimed to accentuate the vibrant tones, dynamic lighting, and contrasting elements to amplify the energy and impact of the music and dance sequences. I ensured that the colors reflect the genre's eclectic nature and evoke a sense of rhythm and vibrancy.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have created a visually dynamic and conceptually rich music video that celebrates the continuity of life. The video seamlessly integrates the energetic performance of Das Rudelt with captivating modern dance choreography, showcasing the band's unique blend of Deutschrock, Synth-Pop, and Funk.

The final result is a visually engaging music video that encapsulates the band's vibrant energy and the symbolic representation of life's continuity. The seamless editing, visually captivating dance sequences, and enhanced colors create an immersive and dynamic experience for the audience.

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