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AMEX - Social Media Video Series


American Express Türkiye


Nople Content Agency

American Express (AMEX) Turkey, like many businesses in the digital age, faced the challenge of effectively engaging its audience on social media, particularly Instagram. The problem at hand was the need to create captivating and informative video content that would not only resonate with their target audience but also convey the brand's commitment to exceptional service and financial expertise.

As a Video Editor for AMEX Turkey, my role was central to addressing this challenge. I was entrusted with the responsibility of translating the essence of AMEX's values, services, and offerings into engaging Instagram video content.

The process of crafting impactful Instagram video content for AMEX Turkey was a well-orchestrated journey. It commenced with in-depth discussions with the marketing and creative teams to understand the specific objectives and target audience for each video.

During the production phase, I employed my video editing skills to bring these ideas to life. I meticulously selected footage, added appropriate animations and graphics, and ensured the videos flowed seamlessly, all while adhering to AMEX's brand guidelines.

The result of our collaborative efforts was a series of Instagram videos that successfully addressed AMEX Turkey's challenge. These videos not only resonated with the target audience but also garnered significant engagement. Viewers were not only captivated by the visually appealing content but also gained a better understanding of AMEX's services and commitment to their customers.

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