Work Experience

Since 2006 I have been in the Video/Film Industry in various

positions, companies, working with various people and clients.

Here you can find my work experience in detail.

Moonlight Film Productions

Job Positions: Post-Production, Assitant Director

Era: 2013 onwards

Editing – Animation – Color Correction – Voice Over Recording – Sound Design and Mix – Final Mix

  • “Gastronometro” short image movie for Metro C&C Turkey (Awarded Gold Stevie Award 2015)
  • “Delivery Quality Trace System” Animation Movie for Metro C&C Turkey (Awarded Gold Stevie Award 2015)
  • “Metro Local Values Timeline” Animation Movie
  • “Local Values Press Meeting”, “Bocuse d’Or Kitchen”, “Denizli Store Opening”, “Garlic Harvest Press Meeting”, “We Embrace Our Local Values”, “Sirha Bocuse d’Or Battle 2014”, “Gastronometro Press Opening”, “Gastronometro Sponsor Opening”, “Brand Communication Press Meeting”, “18-19 Sharing Meeting”, “Gastronometro Sirha 2015”, “Bocuse d’Or Mutlu Chéf Press Meeting”, “2. Department Managers Meeting”, “16.12.2016 Sharing Meeting” event video for Metro C&C Turkey
  • “The Pink Ball” Breast Cancer awareness event movies 2014, 2015, Teaser for 2016 for Anadolu Medical Center
  • “Metro Bocuse d’Or Chronology” event chronology video of Metro C&C Turkey’s involvment in Bocuse d’Or candidates from Turkey
  • “Metro Wild” flashmob like video clip for Metro C&C Turkey and Metro Global
  • “Prostate Cancer, Central Nervous System Schizophrenia, Multiple Myelom, Hepatitis C, Psoriasis, ADHD” Awareness Profile Videos for Jannsen Pharmaceuticals
  • “Bone Marrow Transplant” Awareness video for Anadolu Medical Center
  • “Local Values Roleplay”, “12 episode Orientation” education videos for Metro C&C Turkey
  • “Metro Corridor FM” composite H.R. educational movie
  • “Chef Teasers” Composite Profile Videos for Gastronometro
  • “Gastronometro Recipe Series” 15+ videos of innovative recipes for Gastronometro
  • “Better Everyday”, “Meet Sally”, “Managed Security Services”, “Managed Services”Animation videos for Ericsson Global
  • “Gastronometro Ministry of Tourism Corporate Video”
  • “Gastronometro VIP Chef Event Teasers”
  • “Bocuse d’Or Mutlu Chéf” Profile Video for Metro C&C Turkey
  • “Santa Farma 2016 Corporate Video”
  • “Kamil Koç – Customer Stories” Profile video for Kamil Koç Logistics
  • “The Squash”, “Recipe for Success” Motivational video for Metro C&C Turkey
  • Thomas Rudelt – “Die Erde Dreht Video Clip and Teaser”, “Die Erde Dreht-Leyla” Live Performance Videos
  • Gastronometro – “Anadolu Lezzet Keşfi Kapadokya” Social Media Series.
  • WAIPA – 2016 Conference Video
  • Metro “Own Business” Testimonial Video
  • Alzheimer Food Awareness Video for Nutricia

2nd Editor – Color Correction – Animation – Subtitles Translation and Insertion – Sound Mix:

  • “Metro Delivery Channel”, “Local Values – Taşköprü Garlic”, “Local Values – Finike Orange, Ortaca Lemon”, “A Customer Story – The Puzzle”, “A Customer Story – The Generator” “Metro Field Sales Force” (Awarded Silver Stevie Award 2014), “Extraordinary Solutions”(Awarded Bronze Stevie Award 2015), “Yacht Delivery Service” short image movie for Metro C&C Turkey
  • “METRO H.R. Principles” education movies and teaser for Metro C&C Turkey
  • “Metro Social Enterpreneurs Awards 2014, 2015” animation video localizations for Turkey
  • “To The Wind”, “Gadadu” short movie made for artistic expression of Moonlight Film employees
  • “Metro Delivery Revisited” educational movie for Metro C&C Turkey
  • “Sabancı University – In Your Hands” short image movie for Sabancı University
  • “Metro – Strength” Motivational video for Metro C&C Turkey


Numerous Radiospots and Live event Video Mixing for METRO C&C Turkey

Subtitles Translation and Insertion:

  • 2 seasons of the BBC series “The Extras” and various episodes of the BBC series “Cold Feet” in turkish.
  • Turkish subtitles for the TV Broadcast of the films “The Mikado”, “Istanbul”, “Indiscreet”, “Houdini”, “David and Goliath”,“Contraband”, “The Five Pennies”, “Doctor Faustus”, “Operation Petticoat”
  • Turkish subtitles for the production documentary of Fatih Akın’s Film “Yaşamın Kıyısında (EN: The Edge of Heaven, DE: Auf Der Anderen Seite) for its DVD Release.
  • English subtitles of the feature film “Hadigari Cumhur”.

Editing – Compositing:

  • Edit and Color Correction of Aysun Kocatepe’s video clip “Havada Kokun Dağılmadan” (Edius 5, Apple Color)
  • Editing support and photography animation for Al Jazeera Turks documentary “Common Pain (Ortak Acı)”  (Final Cut Studio 7, After Effects CS 5.5, Photoshop CS5)
  • Editing, Compositing, Sound Mix and Restoration and Final Mix of the TRT Documentary Channel’s 7 episode documentary “The Holy Water Zamzam – Zubaida Waterway (Kutsal Su Zemzem – Zübeyde Su Yolu)”
  • Kemerburgaz University – “Children’s University” project coporate film
  • Animation/Compositing for the multi award winning short movie “The Puddle” of director Serdar Yılmaz Ser.
  • Compositing for the Image Movie “Ora Etc.” for Botsproject
  • Various animations for various corporate videos


Job Position: Various

Era: 2007 onwards

TFT Productions

Job Position: Various

Era: 2006-2013


  • Text and interview transcription and translation, subtitle translation and production logistics in English and German for 8 episodes of a documentary called “The Remembrance of the East” for the History Channel.
  • Translation of the 125. year Anniversary book “From Lounge to Chamber” of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, interview transcription and translation and subtitle translation of the documentary of the same project.

Assistant Director:

Assistant Director for 3 seasons of the Documentary series “Gallery of Portraits(Portreler Galerisi”.

Editing – Compositing:

  • Chroma Key, Composite, Photography animations, Video Editing, Sound Restoration and Final Mix of 3 seasons of the documentary series “Gallery of Portraits (Portreler Galerisi) for TRT 2 and TRT HABER between the years 2009-2011 (After Effects CS4-5, Primatte Keyer Pro, Keylight, Edius 5-6, Photoshop CS4-5, Steinberg Cubase 5).
  • Photography animation, Editing, Color Correction, Sound Mix, for the 8 episode documentary “1914: war and the middle east (1914: savaş ve ortadoğu)” (After Effects CS5, Edius 6, Eyeon Fusion 5, Steinberg Cubase 5, Izotope Ozone, Photoshop CS5)
  • Editing and Photography Animation for the 5 episode documentary/drama “Dirty Games (Kirli Oyunlar)” (Final Cut Studio 7, After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS5)
  • Editing, Sound Mix and Color Correction for the Al Jazeera Turkey Documentary “Havyar(Caviar)”
  • News Video Clip editing for 13 episodes of the TV Program “7 de 7”

Digital Imaging Technician – Post Production Supervisor:

D.IT. on set and Post Production supervision and minimal animation and editing contributions for the Star TV Ramadan TV Program “Migration – The Holy Journey (Hicret – Kutsal Yolculuk)”.